How to craft Copper Axes in V Rising


How to craft Copper Axes in V Rising:- The vast majority of survival games involve crafting to some degree or another. As you begin your adventure as a vampire in V Rising, Whetstones will prove to be an extremely useful resource for you to possess. They are necessary components in the production of increasingly sophisticated weaponry and other goods. This helpful guide will walk you through the steps necessary to get the Whetstones you need to continue making upgrades.

How to craft Copper Axes in V Rising


How to craft Copper Axes in V Rising

You can craft Copper Axes in V Rising once you get your hands on the recipe. To Craft Copper Axes You First needs Simple Workbench Ready With you. To Unlock Simple Workbench first you have to Complete Fortify Quest. After that You can craft Simple Workbench By Getting the Following Ingredients :-

  • 8 Plank
  • 80 Stone
  • 120 Animal Hide

After you have completed setting up your Simple Workbench . If you want to make a Copper Axes, you will need the following components available and ready to go.

  • 16x Copper Ingot
  • 12x Plank

Once you have placed these components on the Simple Workbench , you will be able to create a Copper Axes.

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