Zio and the Magic Scrolls Tier List

Zio and the Magic Scrolls Tier List

The greatest heroes in the game according to ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Tier List are ranked in order of worth. Although there are many heroes available, not all of them are equally powerful. In order to help you choose the finest heroes who will give you the most return on your time and effort, we have produced this tier list.
Your in-game scenario, objective, growth, and the heroes you currently have all influence which hero you will employ, but buying Tier S heroes—the greatest characters in ZOO and the Magic Scrolls—is a guaranteed bet. In order to get the highest ratings, ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Tier List are developed using premium accounts and under ideal gaming settings. You may use this tier list to help you choose a hero whether you are a paid, beginner, or seasoned player.
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List of Hero Zio and the Magic Scrolls Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of Zio and the Magic Scrolls. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls Tier List

New Best Tier List for Zio and the Magic Scrolls


S Gallistos, Mei, Diogoram, Exavius, Sumima, Kueno, Tomie
A Muzel, Petnak, Won, Morrison, Tun, Hrachas, Zabatus
B Fanzifei, Celsius & Farenheit, Rudemila, White, Penta, Michel, Bono, Zio
C Narfume, Silvia, Tumia, Marilyn, Inca, Brien, Choi Myeon Geol, Juan, Khan, Rai
D Delph, Ganzo, Pilgrim, Nyahu, Centaur Warrior, Centaur Elite Archer, Zbella, Elf Archer
E Imp, Tam Liming, Aerok Warrior, Female Angel, Prist, Mage, Swordsman, Angel, Torturer, Warlock, Undead

Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered
Tier F – The Worst

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Game Information

  • Title – ZIO and the Magic Scrolls
  • Publisher – Super Planet
  • Genre
  • File Size –
    • Android:
    • iOS: N/A
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