Valorant Knife Skins Tier List

[Updated] Valorant Knife Skins Tier List: July 2022

Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooter games that has gained a lot of attention in a short period of time. Valorant accessories have been one of the most talked-about or rather debated items on the internet, alongside the game and its fantastic gameplay. Different weapons, as well as their skins, are among the valiant accessories.

Knives are one of the various Melee weapons available in Valorant for players to acquire and use. There are now over 30 Knife Skins available in Valorant, and we’ve ranked them all from best to worst in our Valorant Knife Skin Tier List. So without any further ado, let us get started with the list of best Melee Knife Skins in Valorant!

All Valorant Melee Knife Skins Ranked – July 2022

Here are all of Valorant’s finest Melee Knife Skins, rated from best to worst. All of the knives have been split into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the strongest tier and D having the weakest skins. Check out the list below to see which skins are available and how many Valorant Points (VP) are necessary to unlock them.

Valorant Knife Skins Tier List

S Tier Valorant Knife Skins

Elderflame Knife  4,950 VP
Glitchpop II Knife 4,350 VP
Oni Knife 3,550 VP
Origin Knife 3,550 VP
Tethered Realms Knife 3,550 VP

A Tier Valorant Knife Skins

Celestial Knife 3,550 VP
Forsaken Knife 3,550 VP
Glitchpop Knife  4,350 VP
Go Volume 1 Knife 3,550 VP
K/TAC E3 Reflection Act 1 Battle Pass
Outpost Knife  Episode2 Formation Act 1 Battle Pass
Prime Knife 3,550 VP
Reaver Knife 3,550 VP
Ruin Knife E1 Ignition Act 3 Battle Pass
Singularity Knife 4,950 VP

B Tier Valorant Knife Skins

Ego Knife 3,550 VP
Hivemind Knife E1 Ignition Act 2 battle pass
Imperium Knife 2,550 VP
Megepunk Knife 1,775 VP
Nebula Knife 3,550 VP
Prism III Knife  E2 Formation Act 2 battle pass
Sovereign Knife 3,550 VP
Spline Knife 3,550 VP

C Tier Valorant Knife Skins

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Knife 3,550 VP
Kingdom Knife E1 Ignition Act 1 Battle Pass
Luxe Knife 1,750 VP
Prime 2 Knife 3,550 VP
Prism Knife  2,550 VP
Songsteel Knife E2 Formation Act 3 Battle Pass

D Tier Valorant Knife Skins

BlastX Knife  4,350 VP
Ion Knife 3,550 VP
Smite Knife  1,750 VP
Winter Wonderland Knife  2,550 VP

Criteria for the Valorous Knife Tier List

This Valorant Knife Tier list took a long time to put up. The motions and designs of numerous knife skins were thoroughly researched. For the tier list, the Player’s taste for various Knife designs was also taken into account. Though design choice for these knife skins is somewhat subjective, we graded numerous blades based on their visual quality and how pleasant their animation seems.

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