Undertale Tower Defense Tier List


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Undertale Tower Defense Tier List

Below we have put together the Undertale Tower Defense Tier List. We have taken factors such as tower rarity, power, defense, and support stats into consideration. There are several types of monster towers available in the game. These include Starter Monsters, Ruins Monsters, Snowdin Monsters, Waterfall Monsters, Hotland Monsters, Core Monsters, Last Corridor Monsters, and New Home Monsters.

Undertale Tower Defense Tier List

Undertale Tower Defense Tier List

How to get units in Undertale Tower Defense?

  • You open chests (in game like spins) Also obtained from completing a stage

Undertale Tower Defense Titles

Currently existing titles:

-Underground Tester – Awards a x3 XP boost and is only available for those who tested the game in its early access. Changed to 1.5x exp and souls on release.

-Trello Maker – gives you trello maker status

The End – Awards 1.5x exp and is for those who completed The End in the neutral route.

genocide – Awards 1.5x souls and is for those who beated last corridor

Undertale Tower Defense Skill Tree’s




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