Touhou Lost World Tier List

Touhou Lost World Tier List – October

For the purposes of this Touhou Lost World Characters Tier List, every playable character is assigned to one of the following ranks: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, or C Tier. Characters at the S Tier are the very best choices available in the game. They have superior abilities that allow them to do well both in the main campaign and in the various minigames.

In contrast, Tier D characters have the least amount of impact in the overall Touhou Lost World experience. Because their skills aren’t very useful, investing time and effort into levelling them up was a complete waste of time.

Touhou Lost World Tier List


Understanding Touhou Lost World Tier List

Tier Ss – The characters from Touhou Lost Word are the most powerful and can deal massive damage to any enemy. They can also defend their allies and provide aid. They are capable of defeating any challenge that is given to them.

Tier S – The strongest Touhou Lost World in the game and the best of their characters. Prioritize these over anything else on the team.

Tier A – A great Touhou Lost World that can do wonders for any team and battle, it’s not as strong as the S-Class, but it’s still very reliable.

Tier B – These Touhou Lost Worlds aren’t the most powerful in the game, but they’re well-balanced and still make for a great core for your team, and also allow for effective checks and counter-attacks.

 C Tier – Touhou Lost World (below average) – We rank these characters below average in our Touhou Lost World list. Why? Well, because they are not as useful or powerful as other units. They lack skill and offensive/defensive abilities, but they’re still useful if you don’t have anyone else to play with.

 D Tier – Touhou Lost Word (Weak Characters) – We believe these are the weakest characters in the game for this meta. They are either outdated or offer nothing of value to warrant a spot on your team roster. So our suggestion is that you avoid playing with these units if you want to go far in Touhou Lost Word.

Touhou Lost World Tier List

Bellow we have mentioned best Characters according to their best tier



Tier Ss

Flandre, Junko, Reimu, Reisen, Remilia, Sagume, Toyohime

Tier S

Alice, Aunn, Aya, Byakure, Eirin, Hecatia, Iku, Kaguya, Kanako, Keiki, Marisa, Mayumi, Meiling, Misumaru,Nazrin, Nue, Reimu, Reisen, Sagume, Saki, Sakuya, Sanae, Shinmyoumaru, Shion, Suika, Tenshi, Yachie,Yamame, Yorihime, Youmu, Yukari, Yuuka, Yuyuko

Tier A

Cirno, Doremy, Eiki, Futo, Kaguya, Kasen, Keine, Koakuma, Medicine, Merlin, Miko, Minoriko, Murasa, Mystia, Okina, Remilia, Rin, Seija, Sekibanki, Shou, Takane, Tewi, Toyohime, Utsuhom, Yorihime,Youmu, Yukari

Tier B


Aya, Chen, Eirin, Koishi, Kokoro, Kutaka, Mai, Mamizou, Marisa, Mokou, Ran, Rumia, Satono, Seiga, Suwako, Yuugi, Yuyuko

Tier C


Akyuu, Alice, Cirno, Clownpiece, Flandre, Hina, Joon, Kosuzu, Letty, Luna Child, Lunasa,  yrica, Nemuno, Patchouli, Reisen, Ringo, Satori, Shizuha

Tier D


Benben, Byakuren, Daiyousei, Hatate, Junko, Kanako, Kogasa, Komachi, Lily White, Momiji, Nitori, Reisen, Sakuya, Sanae, Seiran, Star Sapphire, Sunny Milk, Yatsuhashi, Yoshika


In the Game of Touhou Lost World we have listed best Characters according to their best tier. If we have missed something in this tier list, then you can give your valuable suggestion via writing comment below or you can mail us. We will try to add your suggestion in this post. Thank You. Happy Gaming:}

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