SMITE Tier List for Season 9

SMITE Tier List for Season 9

SMITE has grown significantly. Hi-Rez Studios, the game’s parent company, recently introduced SMITE’s eighth season to its very passionate and skilled fan base. With the SMITE World Championship still awarding large $1 million prize pools, participants’ excitement grows with each new competition. The creators of the huge series keep adding new playable characters for players to love, just to spice things up a little more. In light of this, it is now appropriate to review the Game Truth original SMITE season 8 tier list.

Smite Gods Tier List Season 9 (July 2022)

SMITE Tier List for Season 9

Here’s our Tier List for Smite – Season 9 with the best Gods and the worst:

SS Tier S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D Tier E Tier
Cthulhu Agni Ares Achilles Amaterasu Ah Muzen Cab Arachne
Kukulkan Arachne Artio Anhur Apollo Anubis Cabrakan
Odin Bastet Baron Samedi Aphrodite Artemis Hel Loki
Tsukuyomi Cabrakan Cerberus Bellona Awilix Nike
Yemoja Heimdallr Chang’e Cernunnos Bacchus Osiris
King Arthur Chiron Chernobog Camazotz Poseidon
Olorun Cu Chulainn Chronos Chaac
Thor Da Ji Cupid Fafnir
Tyr Discordia Hachiman Guan Yu
Erlang Shen He Bo Hades
Fenrir Horus Jormungandr
Ganesha Hun Batz Kali
Geb Izanami Nox
Hercules Khepri Nu Wa
Hou Yi Medusa Set
Janus Mercury Skadi
Kumbhakarna Neith Thanatos
Kuzenbo Nemesis Xing Tian
Ne Zha Ra Ymir
Pele Scylla
Persephone Serqet
Rama Sobek
Ravana Sol
Terra Sun Wukong
Thoth Sylvanus
Vamana The Morrigan
Zhong Kui

Who is the strongest character in Smite?



Health 435 (+75)
Mana 210 (+38)
Speed 375 (+0)
Range 12 (+0)
Attack / Sec 1 (+1.9%)
Damage 39 (+ 2.3)

+ 100% of Physical Power

Defense Physical: 13 (+2.9)

Magical: 30 (+0.9)


*5 means per 5 seconds

HP5: 9 (+0.7)
MP5: 4.2 (+0.38)


Passive Relentless

Set gains a stack of relentless for every damage dealt to an enemy (max of 10 for every 6s). Each stack increases Set’s attack speed by 25%.

If ultimate ability is active, Relentless will have no maximum stack count.

1st Ability Skewer

An attack that Set throws forward. Enemies caught in the attack’s path are dealt damage and will be slowed for 3s.

Set will also spawn, and the spawn can be directed to a location that Set will determine. The spawn can deal the same effect.

2nd Ability Spawn of Set

With this ability, Set can conjure up to 8 stationary spawn of himself to attack nearby enemies.

While active, Set can command these spawns with his other abilities, or teleport to their locations.

3rd Ability Sandstorm
Set creates a sandstorm around him which can protect him from physical damage and speed debuffs.Enemies near the sandstorm can have their vision obscured, and also be dealt with damage. While using this ability, Set can teleport once. If used when targeting a spawn, Set will teleport to its location immediately.
Ultimate Ability Kingslayer

With Kingslayer, Set gains increased movement at 25%. Each time an enemy is hit, they get a Mark of Set, if it reaches 4 marks, it will cause an eruption, sending bursts of damage to the enemy. On the other hand, Set regains health and immediately charges Spawn of Set ability.


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