Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List - October

Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List – October

For the purposes of this Rise Of Kingdoms Comander Tier List, every playable Comander is assigned to one of the following ranks: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, or C Tier. Comanders at the S Tier are the very best choices available in the game. They have superior abilities that allow them to do well both in the main campaign and in the various minigames.

In contrast, Tier D Comanders have the least amount of impact in the overall Rise Of Kingdoms experience. Because their skills aren’t very useful, investing time and effort into levelling them up was a complete waste of time.

Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List - October


Understanding Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List

Tier S – The strongest Rise Of Kingdoms in the game and the best of their Comanders. Prioritize these over anything else on the team.

Tier A – A great Rise Of Kingdoms that can do wonders for any team and battle, it’s not as strong as the S-Class, but it’s still very reliable.

Tier B – These Rise Of Kingdoms s aren’t the most powerful in the game, but they’re well-balanced and still make for a great core for your team, and also allow for effective checks and counter-attacks.

Tier C – While these Rise Of Kingdoms s aren’t that bad, they’re still not as flexible and require more strategy and support to make them viable.

Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List 

Bellow we have mentioned best Comanders according to their best tier
Tier Comander
S Ramesses II,Yi Sun-Sin,Artemisa I,Attila,Chandragupta,Guan Yu,Zenobia,Nebuchanezzrar II
A Harald,Leonidas I,Richard I,Saladin,Takeda Shingen,Tomyris,Theodora,William I,Wu Zetian,Yi Seong-Gye,Alexander The Great,Constantine I,Edward Of Woodstock,Genghis Kan,Cyrus The Great,Charles Martel
B Trajan,Mehmed II,Minamoto No Yoshitsune,Aetheflaed,Cao Cao,Frederick I,Mulan,Moctezuma
C Lu Bu,Hanibal Barca,El Cid,Julius Caesar,Charlemagne
D Seondeok, Cleopatra VII, Ishida Mitsunari


In the Game of Rise Of Kingdoms we have listed best Comanders according to their best tier. If we have missed something in this tier list, then you can give your valuable suggestion via writing comment below or you can mail us. We will try to add your suggestion in this post. Thank You. Happy Gaming:}

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