Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier list

Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier list: October

For the purposes of this Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier Tier List, every playable character is assigned to one of the following ranks: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, or C Tier. Characters at the S Tier are the very best choices available in the game. They have superior abilities that allow them to do well both in the main campaign and in the various minigames.

In contrast, Tier D characters have the least amount of impact in the overall Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier experience. Because their skills aren’t very useful, investing time and effort into levelling them up was a complete waste of time.

Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier list

Understanding Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier Tier List

Tier Ss – Is the highest rank a hero can earn. Ss Tier heroes are literally too powerful and should be prioritized when leveling up. They have abilities that can turn a fight by themselves, making them one of the best picks in Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier

Tier S – The strongest Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier in the game and the best of their characters. Prioritize these over anything else on the team.

Tier A – A great Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier that can do wonders for any team and battle, it’s not as strong as the S-Class, but it’s still very reliable.

Tier B – These Fire Emblem Heroes Green tiers aren’t the most powerful in the game, but they’re well-balanced and still make for a great core for your team, and also allow for effective checks and counter-attacks.

Tier C – While these Fire Emblem Heroes Green tiers aren’t that bad, they’re still not as flexible and require more strategy and support to make them viable.

Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier list

Bellow we have mentioned best Heroes according to their best tier
Tier Hero
SS Tier Brave Tiki (Adult), Hatari Azura, Ninja Corrin (F), Valentine’s Alm, Brave Ike, Brave Ephraim, Legendary Edelgard, Young Merric, Winter Sothis, Thrasir, New Year Peony, Valentine’s Gustav, Bridal Catria, Legendary Celica, Brave Edelgard, Freyja. Surtr, Shamir, Legendary Dagr, Bridal Nailah, Mamori
S Tier Ascended Hilda, Ymir, Summer Dimitri, Groom Roy, Valentine’s Lucina, New Year Dagr, Thorr, Ninja Shamir. Ascended Fjorm, Halloween Robin (F), Summer Caeda, Winter Bernadetta, Fallen Robin (M), Hel, Summer Selena, Reyson, Picnic Felicia, Ninja Laevatein, Fallen Lyon, Triandra, Nagi, Dieck, Yarne, Jill, Rinkah, New Year Lethe, Soiree Reinhardt, Pirate Veronica, Performing Azura, Azura (Young), Scion Larcei, Ninja Hana, Gatekeeper, Young Minerva, Myrrh, Plegian Tharja, New Year Keaton, Deirdre, Ced, Winter Jaffar, Winter Fae, Gerik, Hilda, Yune, Masquerade Lachesis, Brave Micaiah, Spring Fir, Kaden, Osian, Fae, Edelgard, Valentine’s Hector, Legendary Hector, Annette, Flame Emperor, Julia, Asbel
A Tier Shez (F), Flame Tribe Mordecai, Flame Tribe Tana, Summer Eirika, Legendary Xander, Letizia, Limstella, Spring Sonya, Spring Maria, Winter Artur, Walhart, Eitri, Astrid, Otr, Wolf, Halloween Rhea, Groom Hinata, Sue, Python, Flying Nino, Charlotte, Nino, Valentine’s Greil, Green Tome Olwen, Rhajat, Robin (F), Hostile Springs Hinoka, New Year Fjorm, Flegian Kris (M), Ranulf, Amelia, Sheena, New Year Azura, Barst, Boey, Spring Veronica, Cecilia, Cherche, Wolt, Adrift Corrin (F), Dorcas, Hoshidan Summer Elincia, Echidna, Gunnthra, Ross, Summer Laevatein, Hector, Pirate Hinoka, Halloween Henry, Halloween Kagero, Kana (F), Legion, Lewyn, Summer Sylvain
B Tier Brigand Boss, Fallen Gustav, Cath, Gonzalez, Basilio, Sedgar, Vyland, Caellach, Michalis, Orochi, Minerva, Lugh, Halloween L’Arachel, Valentine’s Mist, Raven, Bridal Sanaki, Anna, Arthur, Spring Sharena, Bartre, Beruka, Sonya, Soren, Haar, Camilla, Spring Camilla, Winter Chrom, Titania, Halloween Dorcas, Summer Elise, Frederick, Spring Alfonse, Gerome, Summer Ylgr, Hawkeye, Helbindi, Performing Inigo, Summer Innes, Darros, Mustafa, Libra, Valentine’s Lilina, Linus, Winter Lissa, Legendary Lyn, Groom Marth
C Tier Merric, Narcian, Picnic Leo, Summer Tiki (Adult), Spring Chrom, Summer Xander, Gunter


In the Game of Fire Emblem Heroes Green tier we have listed best Heroes according to their best tier. If we have missed something in this tier list, then you can give your valuable suggestion via writing comment below or you can mail us. We will try to add your suggestion in this post. Thank You. Happy Gaming:}

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